Herbal Medicine Consultations

Alexandra Hobbs - Medical Herbalist - offers herbal medicine consultations at clinics in Norwich, Norfolk on weekdays. Please contact us if you would like to book a herbal medicine consultation.

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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine (sometimes called Medical Herbalism or Phytotherapy), is a way of treating illness by using plants and plant extracts in order to resolve medical conditions and symptoms. Herbs and plants have been used to treat people for thousands of years, in fact many orthodox medicines are derived from plants.

Today, Western Herbal Medicine practitioners - herbalists - have hundreds of different medicinal herbs at their disposal. They use whole plant extracts in a variety of forms including herbal tinctures, teas, syrups, aromatic waters, creams, powders and essential oils. The wealth of different herbs and herbal medicines available lends to an adaptable treatment process that can be changed in response to the needs of each individual patient.

Who can have a Herbal Medicine Consultation?

A herbal medicine consultation entirely set up to focus upon and hear your needs as a patient. You would visit a herbalist if you have a medical condition or symptoms for which you would like treatment. In comparison to very brief orthodox consultations which tend to focus on one symptom or body system, in a herbal consultation you get an hour (for an initial consultation) dedicated to finding out about you and your health. We always take into account both your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as diet and lifestyle factors.

Herbal medicine is suitable for people of all ages with a wide range of conditions and can be used alongside many other types of medical treatment. A herbalist can advise you whether or not herbal medicine is appropriate in your case. All consultations are held in the strictest of confidence, however we are happy to communicate with other healthcare providers about your herbal treatment if you require us to.

Initial Herbal Consultation

The first time a new patient visits Alex for a herbal medicine treatment, they would have a one hour initial consultation. In this appointent appropriate time is given to explore their medical history, diet and lifestyle factors in detail and get a full picture of any current health complaints. This may include a clinical examination where necessary. Alex will ask a series of questions and make detailed notes in order to find the most appropriate combination of herbal medicines to treat any problems.

An initial herbal consultation with Alex costs £50.

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Herbal Medicine Prescription

After a herbal medicine consultation an individual herbal prescription will normally be dispensed, commonly containing a number of different herbs. This is often in the form of a bottle of herbal tincture to be taken internally but can include herbal teas, creams and lotions where appropriate.

Most herbs are dispensed from the Loke Herbs Dispensary. The first prescription is usually made for two weeks worth of herbs initially. A prescription of herbal medicine will typically cost £6 to £8 per week.

Follow Up Consultations

Follow-up consultations last half an hour and are used to see how your treatment is progressing. Your herbal medicine may be altered in response to any changes in signs or symptoms. The first follow-up is usually two weeks after the initial consultation, then four to six-weekly if necessary.


  • £50 - 90 Minute Initial Consultation
  • £25 - 45 Minute Follow Up Consultation
  • £6 to £8 - typical weekly cost of Herbs


Alexandra Hobbs - Medical Herbalist offers herbal medicine consultations in Norwich and North Norfolk