Herbal Medicine Workshops and Courses

There is a wealth of knowledge that exists about plants and their healing capacity. Many people feel that this knowledge is missing from their day to day lives. Alex has spent several years studying Western Herbal Medicine at degree level as a start to her journey into learning about plants and how they can heal. She aims to begin to share this learning with others and to expand their understanding by creating a forum for us to get together and explore herbal medicines and how we use them.

Alex believes that herbal medicine should be accessible to as many people as possible so she has therefore put together a programme of very affordable courses and workshops that run through the year.

Evening courses run for 8 weeks and aim to cover common herbs and ailments for all the different body systems whilst maintaining a holistic approach. The courses will provide an opportunity to try a wide range of herbal medicines and each lesson will have a practical element where we will make a herbal medicine. To make the course more affordable, attendees are given the option of taking home herbal medicines made in the lesson at a very reasonable cost of £5 per lesson, if you wish to take advantage of this, please let us know when you book.

Loke Herbs Herbal Medicine Workshop Norfolk

One-day workshops provide an opportunity to identify and gather your own herbs and to make your own medicines, which you will take home with you. The workshops build upon the learning from the evening classes and provide an opportunity for more practical experience, a deeper exploration of the topics covered and a chance to build up your herbal medicine chest.

It is fine to attend either or both the evening course or one-day workshops, the material covered will be different in each although the topics may be the same.

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

All courses and workshops must be booked and paid for in advance.

To book a place or for more information about our herbal medicine workshops and courses please contact us...

Exciting New Herbal Medicine Courses in 2016

Alex will be working with the Marlipt Community Garden in 2016 delivering practical herbal medicine workshops and herb walks. Watch this space for more information!

Our Philosophy

We believe that herbal medicine should be accessible to everyone, children and adults alike. We are lucky to live in an age where information is readily available. Loke Herbs aims to unite plant knowledge that has been around for centuries with the latest communications technology. We hope to create the possibility for a local herbal community to come together and raise awareness of how we can be using herbal medicines in our day to day life.

One of the most effective ways to learn something is through activity, which is why so many medical herbalists offer workshops. Herbal medicines can be made throughout the year as each season brings a new range of invaluable medicinal preparations from roots to bark to fresh leaves.