Alexandra Hobbs - Medical Herbalist Norwich

Alexandra Hobbs BSc Western Herbal Medicine

Alexandra Hobbs is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist and the creator and owner of Loke Herbs. She practices in Norwich and North Norfolk.

In 2010 she graduated with a BSc Hons Health Sciences: Western Herbal Medicine degree from the University of Westminster after previously completing a BSc Hons Biochemistry with European studies from the University of Sussex in 2000.

Western Herbal Medicine training includes stringent clinical training with a minimum requirement of 500 clinical hours and a final clinical exam assessed by two experienced medical herbalists and a GP; diagnostics and differential diagnosis; anatomy, physiology and pathology; biochemistry, photochemistry and botany; materia medica and therapeutics; dietetics and dietary therapy; personal development and the therapeutic relationship are all taught and assessed as part of the degree.

Alexandra Hobbs CPD training photo

Alex undertakes continuing professional development each year to ensure that she keeps her knowledge current and that she broadens her understanding of herbal medicine. She also passes on knowledge that she has gained to those interested by running herbal medicine courses and workshops.

After of 8 years of science based study and three years of health industry experience, Alex remains a strong believer in natural and indigenous medicine. Alex’s science background has enabled her to make informed, evidence-based analyses of the effectiveness of herbal medicine. As a herbalist, She believes that herbal medicines can have a profoundly positive effect, not only in the treatment of, and relief from the symptoms of numerous medical conditions - both chronic and acute - but can also treat a person as a whole by improving their overall health and wellbeing and help them overcome underlying causes of ill health.

Alexandra Hobbs - Medical Herbalist Norwich

As well as giving herbal medicine consultations and treatments, Alex has worked hard to create the Loke Herbs Dispensary from which she dispenses all the herbal medicines she prescribes. This way she is certain that the quality of the herbal medicines she uses is high. She sources her herbal medicines as locally as possible, utilising reputable suppliers of high quality products, and with the eventual aim of growing her own medicinal herbs and producing her own herbal tinctures.

Alex has worked in education for the last 10 years and enjoys working with, supporting and sharing skills and knowledge with people. Alex grew up in Norwich, she is active in the local community and hopes to make herbal medicine as accessible as possible to those who are interested in learning more and keen to make herbal medicine an integral part of their lifestyle.